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Detailed Design and Construction Support

A food-grade facility required design services and construction support for the installation of tanks, containment, piping and process equipment.  EGS worked with the Client’s local manufacturing engineers and international process engineers to finalize their P&IDs and to develop detailed construction documents.  We assisted them in selecting equipment, obtaining local contractors and managing the bid process.  We then provided on-site support during construction to ensure the project was completed as designed in a safe and timely manner.

Monorail Analysis and Rating

EGS frequently surveys monorails for industrial facilities.

Monorails are used to perform maintenance on various machines.  An improperly or inadequately rated monorail can delay maintenance due to the need to verify a monorail rating or find a new way to complete the maintenance.


We begin by identifying the monorails in question and marking their locations on layout drawings.  The next step is to obtain any available information on the monorails and perform field walkdowns and measurements to fill in the gaps.  Calculations are performed to determine a load rating for a monorail.


EGS personnel also work with client employees to assign numbers to the monorails and record the numbers along with the load ratings and other pertinent information in the client's engineering files.

Bleach Plant Repairs

EGS will develop a +/- 10% Scope and Estimate for a variety of projects. This example is of repairs on a bleach plant.


This project mostly involved developing repair plans for concrete structures at the plant.  Repair drawings for stairs, beams, floors, and columns were developed.  The area was reviewed for any necessary electrical and piping relocation, and plans to address the situations were developed.  Scopes of work for structural, electrical, and mechanical disciplines were written in addition to holding bid meetings and obtaining quotes.

EGS continued to support and manage the project through detailed design, construction, and closeout. 

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Power Boiler Natural Gas Upgrade

Our client required design services and construction support to convert a bark-burning power boiler into a Natural Gas only system.  EGS worked with the Client over an 18-month period through three phases of multi-disciplinary development, design, and construction.  We helped finalize P&IDs, obtain +/- 10% cost estimates, prepare project schedules and complete detailed scopes of work and construction drawings for the boiler and piping upgrades.  We assisted with bid management, materials expediting, shop-work inspection, construction management, and post-construction support.

Process Safety Information

EGS has experience developing process safety information (PSI) for industrial facilities. An example is a non-condensable gas (NCG) system.


The purpose of these projects is to ensure compliance with government regulations and create a database of information related to the safety of a system.  PSI projects involve gathering OSHA-mandated documentation for a system.  This documentation includes hazards, process chemistry, equipment information, and many other aspects of a process.

Field walk-downs of pipelines and equipment are conducted to verify process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) to note any discrepancies between the drawing and the field.


Shutdown/Outage Planning

EGS also has the capabilities for providing support in preparing for shutdowns.


We do such things as reviewing existing scopes of work for scheduled tasks, develop additional scopes as directed by the client, obtain pricing on parts and material, obtain quotes on construction and repair activities, lead bid meetings and evaluate bids, develop schedules, and coordinate activities with maintenance, production, and other contractors. 

We work on site as an integral part of the maintenance team and use the customer's maintenance software to route material and contract requisitions.

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